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Year 3 course in IT Infrastructure Support (LP aGSRi)

The LP aGSRi (administration et Gestion des Systèmes des Réseaux informatiques) is a 3rd year course following the French DUT or BTS qualification. It is a specialist course for Voice over IP implementation. It is roughly equivalent in content and level to a British B.Eng or a Professional Grade. Students attend a wide range of courses in specialist technical subjects. The emphasis is on industrially relevant practical study. Lab work is supervised by expert teachers and industry professionals using state of the art equipment.We are a certified CISCO local academy.

Students have the opportunity to take CCNA certification. Lannion is a renowned centre for research and development in networks and telecoms, with companies such as Orange and Alcatel Lucent as well as numerous smaller specialist firms and Start-ups  on our doorstep. The IUT has established partnerships with these local companies, providing our department with the latest high quality equipment and, most importantly, collaboration with professionals in the field.





Semester 5


Operating Systems (administration and programming)

59 h

Databases (Design and querying)

24 h

Networks (services, infrastructure network)

127 h

General training (English language, communication, business management, IT laws)

75 h

Semester 6

System Administration

47 h

Network security

44 h

Database administration (Relational DB, NOSQL DB)

28 h

Project Management

23 h

Project 1 (in a company)

4 weeks

Project 2 (in IUT)

16 hours

Business Communication Skills

10 h

English Communication

10 h


3-5 months


Our students' skills

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Install, configure, maintain and develop; classic network services¸ client  operating systems, Linux or Windows servers and data base management systems
  • Analyse and correct errors in relation to the  functioning of a  network, network services, servers and database systems
  • Define and install security for IT systems and networks including establishing a data saving policy.
  • Create a specification for the development, restructuring or extension of a network structure or IT resources
  • Manage the contracts and relationships with external service providers
  • Manage the budget for the maintenance and future investment in an IT service
  • Collaborate with other services within the business to anticipate needs and suggest improvements for IT provision



The internship period

A compulsory work experience in a company or other organisation, in France or abroad.


Objective :

Independently carry out activities and projects, which demonstrate the student’s technical knowledge and skills acquired during the aGSRi programme.


When is the placement?

There are two placements: the first is in February and lasts for 4 weeks, enabling you to complete a short project.

The second placement lasts from early April to the end of August/ mid-September.


What kind of projects can s/he work on?

  • IP integration; setting up the IT system for a new company
  •  implementing an application server solution for schools
  •  implementing network supervision tools (pharmaceutical group)
  •  shared resources solution (Hospital)
  •  implementing a proxy server
  •  DNS migration to Linux
  •  testing and implementing backup solutions with open source software using Linux
  •  testing and implementing WLAN solution on ferries
  •  system and network supervision and centralised administration tools
  •  audit, cost analysis for renewing all IT equipment
  •  Citrix servers migration, NAS IBM integration
  •  server administration and optimisation


What do our graduates do?

Sectors of activity and students' job profile:

Students develop the skills to become effective in a variety of workplace situations

Here are some possible positions and responsibilities:

  • Network administrator
  • Systems administrator
  • IT manager for a SME
  • IT manager of a service or testing platform
  • IT systems and networks integrator

Sectors of activity :

  • SMEs
  • Public sector organisations; hospitals, schools, local authorities
  • The voluntary sector
  • Banks
  • IT departments within a large company or organisation


>>> For further information please contact:

Bruno GRIMAL (Course leader for LP aGSRI)–bruno.grimal@univ-rennes1.fr

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