LP MIC eng

Year 3 course in IT and business management of the supplier and client relations (LP MIC)

The LP MIC is a 3-year course specializing in business and IT management. It is roughly the equivalent in content and level to a Professional Grade /Beng.Students are required to attend a wide range of courses in specialised domains. The bias is on practical work. This diploma gives the students a dual set of skills in business and computing applied to the world of work.

The objective is to train sales representatives to be able to master the use of ITC in companies, to be the interface between the needs of the company and new technologies and to train computer scientists to be able to sell and negociate.




Refresher course

  • in IT tools
  • in business tools


Implementation of information system


Use of ITC


Project management


ITC law


Client relationship management


Supplier relationship management




Negotiation in English


Team management


Business English




Presentation of jobs related to IT and business management


Analysis of evolution linked to domains


Tutored project



14 weeks


Our student's skills:

in IT:

  • analysis of Information Systems
  • use and configuration of ITC (CRM,ERP,web ..)
  • database analysis and use
  • ICT law


in business:

  • client relationship management
  • supplier relationship management
  • business English
  • negotiation in French and English


in project management:

  • project management
  • functional specifications
  • marketing specifications
  • team management


The internship period

A first compulsory work experience in a company in France or abroad:

Objectives :

  • to apply the knowledge and skills learnt
  • to get to know the professional realities
  • to develop new skills
  • to test the students' ability to adapt to his/her future working environment


When is the placement?

The placement is from April to July, but may be longer if the student so wishes.


What kind of projects can she/he work on?

  • To design and follow-up projects (analyze the existing, help customers express their needs, suggest improvements and evolution, supervise work given to a service provider)
  • To manage websites and/or intranet: manage the information, the users, web manager tools
  • To design tools to measure, analyze, and report on sales activity
  • Negociate sales in a multicultural context (in English)
  • To implement a CRM tool in a company
  • To develop a client portfolio: sales preparation, business appointments by phone and/or visio-conference, business proposals, taking part in sales strategy
  • To design and implement business media for different types of  clients (individuals, groups, clubs …) and to design tables, spreadsheets (for example on the stock follow-up and products consumption)
  • To design and implement the interface for the indicators of the development department


What do our graduates do?

Our students' job profile :

Students are trained to integrate and to evolve in the real world of work in many different domains.

Here are some possible positions and responsibilities :

  • buyer
  • international buying manager
  • client service manager
  • in charge of client / supplier relations
  • logistics manager
  • project system manager
  • export project manager
  • call center assistant manager
  • sales manager


>>> For further information please contact:
Bertrand DE VILLENEUVE (Head of department) – bertrand.devilleneuve@univ.rennes1.fr
IUT de Lannion (Université de Rennes 1), BP. 30219, 22302 LANNION, France

Tel: 00 33 2 96 46 94 64 – www.iut-lannion.fr